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Rams Creative Technologies, the Leading IT Company Reviewed again by one of its Esteemed Clients

Rams Creative Technologies, the Leading IT Company Reviewed again by one of its Esteemed Clients

It always delights us whenever we hear from our clients. The bond that we create with them over time surpasses the typical client and service provider relationship and helps us to develop a never-ending partnership.

We, therefore, make sure to provide our best services that add value to our client’s business and allow them to spread their reach to different regions.

Our exemplary service in the field of digital marketing and AR/VR development has helped us develop a relationship with some of the best companies and businesses.

We have always considered the satisfaction of our client as our biggest achievement. Their reviews and feedbacks help our company to improve and provide more phenomenal services.

Rams Creative was recently reviewed by one of its clients on Clutch. Clutch is an international rating and review platform that highlights a company’s performance based on the reviews it gets from its clients and customers.

The review was given by the Assistant manager of international business at a cable manufacturer and supplier company- Dynamic Cables. Dynamic Cables produce high-quality electrical cables and overhead conductors and supply them to its private and government clients across India and abroad.

We helped the company in expanding its reach into new markets and help them find generate more leads through our digital marketing services. We also helped the company in developing the website and improving its design.

He Writes In His Review:

“Rams Creative Technologies Pvt. Ltd. executed SEO and social media marketing campaigns. The team also redesigned the website and included new photographic images captured from a drone.”

The company wanted to build its marketing collateral and improve its digital marketing by leveraging keyword-based search engine optimization and market research. He said:

“The keyword and on-page optimizations boosted sales dramatically. During the engagement, the team was flexible and readily addressed a range of requests. Service was professional and collaborative in spirit.”

He Adds:

“The SEO efforts expanded our reach into new markets, which increased inquiries and orders. We’ve achieved nearly 51 new clients in the last three months, a significant improvement from two years ago.”

Our team of 6 digital marketing experts was constantly in touch with the team of Dynamic Cables through e-mails and in-person visits.

The company has been a client of Rams Creative since May 2018 and we have provided with cost-effective solutions that have delivered high ROI to them. Within this period the bond between the two companies has toughened, letting both the company’s build a friendly relationship.

The assistant manager of the International business at Dynamic Cables said:

“We started working together in May 2018 and the partnership ended in January 2019. However, we still call them if something needs to be tweaked.”

He Adds:

“They provided exceptional professional service, solving problems and troubleshooting issues in a collaborative manner. We became friends in addition to being clients.”

It always feels good to remain in touch with customers even after the business tenure has ended. We are compelled to know that our services are helping our clients to grow and reach elevated heights.

We thanks Dynamic Cables for its review and will always respect the support and aid they have shown towards our services.

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