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A Beginner’s Guide to Domain and Page Authority: What They Are and How to Use Them?

A Beginner’s Guide to Domain and Page Authority: What They Are and How to Use Them?

Domain and Page authority allows a business to monitor its progress and helps it to keep a track of all their implied strategies to boost SEO ranking. They both are search engine ranking scores developed by Moz that ranges from 0 to 100 on a logarithmic scale.

Domain authority is a parameter that predicts the ability of a website/ domain to rank on a search engine result page (SERP). Page authority is quite similar to domain authority; however, it predicts the score of a single page instead of a whole domain.

Higher scores reflect better chances for a domain/ page to be displayed on a SERP. Also, since the score is logarithmic, gaining a jump from 10 to 20 is easier than it is to grow your score from 60 to 70.

Domain and Page Authority are essential aspects of digital marketing that a business owner must keep an eye on in order to gain better search result ranking.

This blog post has the sole purpose to discuss different aspects of DA and PA. Before we go in depth about these two, let’s discuss the places where we can find domain and page authority.

The ecosystem of Domain and Page authority:

DA and PA metrics are included in many SEO and online marketing platforms.

The most primary place to check the authority of your domain or page is Link Explorer. The link explorer also tells about the backlink profile of the domain.

Another method to gain access to DA and PA is through Moz’s free SEO toolbar called MozBar. The bar will act as an extension to your browser which will allow you to quickly find the authority quickly.

Factors on which the Domain and Page Authority are calculated:

DA and PA are calculated after the evaluation and consideration of multiple factors. They mainly rely on the linking structure of the website. To improve the DA and PA of your website, you must link your website to powerful and strong domains.

Also, more followed links will improve the DA and PA of your website. The algorithm of Moz DA/PA checker calculates the score of the domain and its pages based on the linking structure of the website.

This score can then be used to compare websites and track the ranking strength of the website.

There are several ways to improve your DA and PA score. Here is a list of thing you can do in order to improve them:

Identify your competitors:

Your goal should never be to reach a high DA or PA score of 70 or 80. It will waste too much effort and consume excessive time that you can invest in other strategies.

The better and more sensible thing to do will be to increase your DA and PA then your competitors and increase the gap between the score.

Identify your competition by researching the keywords that you and they share. They might be a good competition if they incorporate most of your keywords in their web pages.

After you identify your competitors, analyze the size of their site and the content they use. This will help you find methods that you can use in order to increase your domain and page authority.

Improving the linking structure:

Domain and Page Authority score is directly related to the linking structure of your website. Try to gain as many high-quality followed links as possible.

Confirm that all your top pages are active and accessible. If these pages have an external link pointing to them, then make sure that none of these pages give back a 404 error message.

If they do, then link back these pages to a more relevant page. You can also reach the sites linking to these pages and ask them to link to correct versions of the page.

Also, make sure to remove any faulty or broken links from your website in order to influence your website’s PA and DA score. Use canonical tags to tell the search engines about a master copy of a page’s content if it exists in your website.

Website Traffic:

The more traffic you’ll have on the website, the more will be your authority score and SEO ranking.

Use digital marketing techniques in order to boost your website’s ranking. Try to use SEO and PPC services collectively in order to gain better results.

Work on reducing the bounce rate of your website by developing a better content strategy and promote your website on different social media platforms.

Age of domain site and domain authority info:

An older domain site is more authoritative than new ones.

Even though you cannot do anything to mature your website, but you can link your website to older sites to gain better scores.

Also, do not change the name of our domain as it will affect the score of the website. It is better to use a custom domain name from the beginning.

Domain registration info could also affect the authority of your website.

If you have 10 websites with same domain registration info and if 8 out of these 10 websites don’t perform well, then the authority of the other two websites will also be affected in a negative way.

Developing engaging content:

Getting quality backlinks can be a difficult task. The best way to improve your backlink structure is by creating amusing content that attracts more visitors on the website.

People crave for exceptional content. Search topics that are popular in your community and develop blog posts or article on them. Also incorporate content in various multimedia format like images, video, audio, infographics, etc.

Also, optimize this content according to your keywords. Identify and use correct intent modifiers (intent wala blog link kar dena idhar) and optimize your content according to the smartphones in order to increase your reach.

Develop a powerful 160 characters HTML snippet that summarizes the whole content and targets the most essential keywords of the page. Optimize the Meta description in order to gain better SEO results and authority score.


If your website is new, then it will have an authority score of one. However, your goal should never be to reach a perfect 100 score.

All you need is to gain a better DA and PA then your competitors and to maintain a sustainable gap between them. Facebook has a domain authority of 95. So unless Facebook is not your competition, there is no need to acquire a better score than Facebook.

Also, DA and PA is not a metric used by search engines to rank a website. However, the ranks of the website do affect the score of a website.

Therefore, it only makes sense until you surpass the scores of your competition.

Also, your authority score is not a fixed value. It can vary due to various factors like:

  • Change in algorithms of search engines.
  • The increase of link growth in the highest-authority sites.
  • Change in the scaling process.

Thus, it is important to keep an eye on various changes made by search engines and other affecting factors to maintain or increase domain/ page authority.

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