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What is Visual Search and How will it help the Marketers to reach Correct Customers

What is Visual Search and How will it help the Marketers to reach Correct Customers

Images have always played an important role in cultural and technological development. Everything is easily understandable by images. They influence the behavior of a person and also deliver information far more effectively than written text.

Google and other search engines are always looking for ways to enhance the experience of searchers. This has led to the emergence of feature-rich modifications in search engines that can answer the queries of a searcher correctly.

With AI assistants of search engines, a search can now be conducted without even typing a single letter. Another new technique that is easing the users to search for a query is the Visual Search.

While voice search requires a person to speak to a voice recognition device in order to search for a query, visual search is done by clicking a picture of the object the person want to know about.

The technology of visual search is new however it has undergone a substantial amount of development and modifications.

Visual search not only assists a user in feeding its curiosity but also opens doors for marketers and retailers to reach their ideal audience. Before we discuss the ways through which visual search helps marketers to gain an edge, let’s learn how a visual search works.

Working of a Visual Search:

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Visual Search begins by taking input in the form of a picture. The searcher will click a photo of the object he wants to know about through the application. The user can also pick the images from it’s mobile’s gallery.

The photo will then be scanned by the application. This may take from a couple of seconds or more depending on the image. After the scan is complete the user will be presented by some results.

The applications supporting visual search will scan the text and logos on the image to present apt results. It will also scan the text on the images and translate the phrases and words of the text into different languages.

It is true that this technology is relatively new and is not supported by many apps, but the technology will be used regularly by people around the world. From finding the directions in a new country to identifying a completely innovative product in the market, visual search will become widely popular.

Marketers, particularly in retail and e-commerce sector can use this modern tech in order to reach the correct customers and promote their product to different audience groups.

Let’s take a look at how this technology can help marketers to gain an edge over their competitors:

(1) Personalizing and improving the shopping experience:

Advantage of visual search is not unprecedented for customers. With opportunities that are offered by visual search, it would be easier for customers to search for a particular object if they have an image of it.

It will also help the shoppers to find specifically what these customers are looking for. Visual search can also be used as an effective merchandising strategy to create a more personalized and unique shopping experience for users during the browsing phase.

Based on the existing product that people use, visual search can also be used to recommend new products. This can be done by incorporating the visual recognition technology to offer personalized choices.

(2) Finding insights on Social Media:

Social Media Sites are one of the best platforms to gather insights and learn about new marketing trends. Through moments of consumption, the context and the sentiments of products and the users can be determined which helps marketers to uncover marketing opportunities.

Visual Search and image analysis helps marketers to dig for the social feeds of logos, themes, and useful information that will help them to decide their next steps.

It will also help them to determine the desire of the customers and predict the future to develop a continuous cycle of trending accessories and develop future designs based on the gathered insights.

(3) Development of Strategic Influencer partnership:

Influencer marketing is another advantage of visual search or image recognition.

Influencers are generally chosen by marketers according to their customer reach. Doing it manually requires hard research.

Image recognition can be used to analyze the sentiment of an influencer and their real-time engagement. This will help the marketers to choose the correct influencer based on the insight gathered from visual search.


Visual Search still may be a relatively new technology for many users but has the potential to become the future of SEO and digital marketing. With more modifications and updates it can become another integral part of the search that will help the users to deliver better search engine experience.


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