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Google’s John Mueller’s views on Brand Mention and about it

Google’s John Mueller’s views on Brand Mention and about it

What is a Brand Mention?

Brand mention refers to mentioning a website on different online platforms like posts, articles, reviews, content, news blogs, or any kind of reference to the site. An effective manner of doing this is to mention a brand without linking it. Having positive brand mention drives more attention which eventually increases traffic to your site.

Mentioning a brand does not always work in favor of a site, sometimes a brand can be mentioned for negative remarks and in such cases, the reputation of a brand affects doing this method and it needs to be addressed for any negative impressions. 

Google does not always rank a brand by considering the number of times a brand has been mentioned but by judging if it has relevance to the particular mention.

Do Brand Mentions helps with rankings?

Google’s John Mueller answered that Google does not use the “brand mentions” for any link-related purpose.

Mueller explained:

“From my point of view, I don’t think we use those at all for things like PageRank or understanding the link graph of a website.

And just a plain mention is sometimes kind of tricky to figure out anyway.”

Brand Mention in building awareness

Mueller also told that brand mention can work in favor of the site by informing about it.

Mueller continued:

“But it can be something that makes people aware of your brand, and from that point of view, could be something where indirectly you might have some kind of an effect from that in that they search for your brand and then …obviously if they’re searching for your brand then hopefully they find you right away and then they can go to your website.

And if they like what they see there, then again, they can go off and recommend that to other people as well.”

Brand Mention creates Troublesome

John Mueller explained:

“Kind of understanding the almost subjective context of the mention is really hard.

Is it like a positive mention or a negative mention?

Is it a sarcastic positive mention or a sarcastic negative mention? How can you even tell?

And all of that, together with the fact that there are lots of spammy sites out there and sometimes they just spin content, sometimes they’re malicious with regards to the content that they create…

All of that, I think, makes it really hard to say we can just use that as the same as a link.

…It’s just, I think, too confusing to use as a clear signal.”

How does Brand Mention help SEO?

There are various ways to enhance your online presence through brand mention it involves all the elements of SEO strategy that are deployed while doing it. 

This question does not have a clear answer. Many business owners and marketing professionals believe that brand mentions are a valuable complement to SEO, while others disagree. When it comes to the ranking of your brand’s name and details within Google and other search engines’ results, it’s difficult to decipher the actual processes and algorithms used by Google and other search engines.

Google registers these citations as positive trust signals and confirmations of a brand’s authority, which is one of the main arguments for including linkless brand mentions.

Following are some examples of how brand mention helps:

  1. Search Rank: A search engine like Google uses mentions to rank a site higher than links because that mention is indicating something very important to the users and is giving relevant content according to the search query. When it comes to building a knowledge base, Google’s top priority is for expert sites to rank better in internet searches. Because nothing beats a personal recommendation, Google appreciates brand references.
  1. Guest Blogging: In the past guest blogging was majorly used for creating backlinks, but now the time has changed and it should be used for gaining brand mention.
  1. Social Media: It is considered to be the most effective manner to spread brand mention by shares, comments, hashtags, and other activity results in improved rankings.
  1. SEO: Local SEO plays a crucial role in brand mention in getting more traffic by focusing on social media, blogging, and getting recognition through site reviews.

Importance of Brand Mention

  • Supports your search engine rankings: Brand mentions have been identified as a ranking element in Google’s algorithm, and they can affect your SERP ranks. This is likely the most crucial benefit of brand mentions for people who are focused on SEO, and it’s something we’ll go over in more detail later. You’ll want to capitalize on a customer’s mention of your brand. While inferred links are beneficial to SEO, they don’t carry the same weight as actual links that return visitors to your site.
  • Brand Awareness and Visibility: A brand mention is still useful to your business even if there isn’t a link. Users who read the material that includes your mention will still see your brand’s name, which will raise awareness of who you are and what you do. A well-placed mention raises your company’s visibility and trustworthiness. As your brand becomes more well-known, more individuals will feel comfortable engaging with what you have to offer.
  • Inbound Linking opportunity: You’ll be able to create more link chances for your business if you keep track of your brand mentions. People are more inclined to link to your website if they are already talking about your brand and what you have to offer. If you see your brand mentioned on another website, we recommend contacting the site’s owner and asking if they would be willing to connect to your site.

Monitoring Brand Mentions

You may gain a detailed understanding of how your audience interacts with your products and services by monitoring brand mentions. As a result, you’ll be able to shape your marketing campaigns and emphasize the verticals where you’re falling behind and what you can do to catch up.

Because customer reviews and other brand references are neutral, they may help you improve your marketing efforts, customer service, product development, and much more. Customer reviews are delivered on a regular basis, allowing you to track how your brand is progressing in terms of development and marketing.

Brand Mention increases Brand’s reputation

One of the most essential advantages of brand mention is that it improves your company’s internet reputation. While reputation management is important in both online and offline environments, you can readily track your company’s online mentions. When you come across a favorable mention, you’ll be able to engage in a conversation with your supporters and maintain a solid relationship with your customers.

All of your positive contacts with clients will help you build a large customer base that will be loyal to you. As a brand, you should make the most of every opportunity you have to foster positive relationships with your customers.


It’s a very arduous task of getting results by this method but it eventually works in the favor of a brand which results in desired recognition a business expected when it was implemented. Although converting implied links into backlinks is considered to be a valuable aspect for your brand. Tracking brand mentions and making the most of them is just one part of improving your company’s online visibility.

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