Creation and development of a website for business have always been an imperative step for every business. It supports business in improving its brand awareness, making a strong presence, and boosting conversions.

Search no more if you are looking for an affordable web development company. We at Rams Creative Technologies help you to develop a perfect website for your business, using cutting-edge technologies and providing you the best web development solutions for your complex problems.

Compiling various elements of interactive design, unique functionality, and user friendliness we develop a website that supports your business model and allows you to track and interact with your target audience.Compiling various elements of interactive design, unique functionality, and user friendliness we develop a website that supports your business model and allows you to track and interact with your target audience.

With technological expertise in various web development platforms and scripting languages, our developers devise astute and insightful websites to forge the variegated needs of our every client into reality.

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Our team of developers takes use of various web development frameworks to build a unique website in a minimal time frame. By incorporating tried and tested line of codes and collection of various classes, we make sure that website built by our team is secure and intact.

We make sure that every written line of code contributes to make a foolproof website which is supported on every platform including mobile and tablets and operates swiftly without any unnecessary delay.

Every website built by our developers is tested meticulously by the hands of our expert quality analyst. To create a website that meets your expectation we make sure to remove every single discrepancy and minute error from the code. This ensures that the website operates effectively on every platform.

E-commerce websites are online portals that allow transfer of goods and services through means of the transaction of funds or information over the internet. It’s a common misconception that e-commerce website is only important for the retail and financial sector. However, various platforms like auction website, music portals, B2B services, consultancy websites and financial management websites also incorporates e-commerce in their operation.

Our brilliant crews of developers are capable at building a customized e-commerce website with the help of several open sources platforms like Magento, OpenCart, OsCommerce to provide you a variety of themes, extension, and built-in SEO tools. With the help of various customizable plugins and modules, we make sure that every website developed by us can be modified according to your need.

We incorporate inbuilt payment gateway and shopping cart in your website to ease your customer in operating it. Also, with in-built multilingual and mulita payment support and customized plugins, we deliver an out of box service to increase the number of transactions on your website and reach a global market.

Our web developers will develop a cost-effective, customer oriented, visually elegant, fully functional E-commerce website that will skyrocket your business in the online market and help you to manage it according to your need.

Every website developed by our developers follows a streamlined workflow so that the site created is accurate and meets up to your expectations. By following a pre-designed architectural method it becomes easier for us to develop your business website accurately. We follow these following three steps to prepare a website:

  • Understanding your requirement and conducting market research: We understand that every client has his own need and requirement. Therefore before starting a project, we make sure that we understand your business model and plan. We focus on various buyers persona that your business wants to target. We then undergo thorough market research to track your competitors and the way they function. By doing so we understand what is suitable for your company and brainstorm accordingly to decide the goals and plan for the website development.
  • Development and coding: After understanding the details of the business, our team of the frontend, backend, and full stack developers initiate the procedure of coding to give shape to your website. The team of our developers works according to their talents and experience to impart perfection to every page of the website.
    • Frontend Development: Our team of frontend developers works on the appearance and UI/UX to create an intriguing and unique website. Every page designed by our designers is implemented on the site by a code written by our front-end developers in HTML, CSS or JavaScript. We focus on the visual and functionality of the site to give users a better experience.
    • Backend Development: Our backend developers make sure that your website is secured, well structured, and operates swiftly. To make the website more dynamic, they form a long line of codes using languages like PHP or .Net. They also focus to form a database management system to properly store and manage the data of your customers.
  • 3) Quality Check and Upgradation: To produce the best website we don’t stop after development but do intense qualities check of the website to make it perfect in every way possible. Our team of quality analyst runs mock-ups and tests its operation under real-life application. In every stage of the development, we ask the client to give its feedback to make the website better after every step. We constantly upgrade and maintain the website by adding new features to it if need be.

Being present online and delivering a 24*7 service is essential for every business. A website opens various doors of possibilities for a business to track and engage with customers. It acts as a link that guides your customers towards you and helps you to deliver them your service in an efficient manner.

Other than using several digital marketing techniques a website allows your business to impart a presence on the internet and improve your brand awareness. It also helps you to remain up to date with various market trends and keep a track of your competitors.

Other than selling your products and services, a website also helps your business in distinct ways:

  • Better customer engagement and customer satisfaction: Promoting a blog or your social pages on your website encourages your customers to spend more of their precious time on it. You can even advertise your special offers and a monthly newsletter to catch your audience eyes. It connects you with your audience and helps you to deliver them a never-ending service. By asking them for your feedback and answering their doubts on your website helps you to obtain a satisfied customer.
  • Increasing brand awareness and online presence A website not only allows you to gather customers but also acts as your online portfolio. You can post various testimonials, customer reviews, and feedbacks, offers, and figures to publicize your business. Creating a strong online presence will intrigue potential customers and also helps you attain a better ranking in a search engine result page.
  • Return on investment is huge: A well-developed website delivers great ROI and is worth the money. With a minimal initial investment, a website gives immense benefits to the business. But the biggest challenge a business face is to develop a website which is well optimized and can entice the crowd with its appearance. An expert IT solution company which gives custom web development services can help you to develop an exemplary and suitable website for your business.

  • We use modern techniques and incorporate dynamic features on a variety of technological platforms to develop exemplary solutions according to your demand.
  • Every website developed by us is designed by keeping in mind the change in market trends, to confirm that your website does not outperform on the internet and have a longer period of existence.
  • We start developing your website after going through every needs and requirement of your business. After going through your business plan and model, our team of developers compiles various codes and scripts to form a spectacular website for your company.
  • Our main focus has always been to deliver supple and easily accessible solutions that require less maintenance to generate positive business value.
  • Our services include elevating features that are compatible on various platforms.
  • To provide extraordinary web development services we pretest every solution rigorously before delivering it.
  • Solutions developed at Rams Creative Technologies are quality assured and comes with a guarantee of perfection.

Best Web Development Company in India Providing Phenomenal and Unique Custom Web Development Services

  • Cake Php

  • Codeigniter

  • Laravel

  • Yii

  • Zend

To fulfill your every demand and requirement, we incorporate extraordinary and phenomenal technical strategies to develop PHP supported solutions. Our skilled programmers and coders compile long line of codes and incorporate various PHP based features to create marvelous and dynamic websites.

  • Bootstrap

  • CSS 3

  • HTML 5

  • Angular JS

  • Node

  • React JS

To build a feature packed and high-performance web solution we make sure to deliver a secure and robust website by blending features of JavaScript and HTML/CSS3 languages. Our web solutions are multi-platform accessible and packed with various plugins and modules along with full post-launch support.

  • Django

  • Joomla

  • Magento

  • Shopify

  • WordPress

With a stiff backend foundation and innovative frontend design, we make sure to provide an amusing yet foolproof website. Utilizing open source based solutions we make sure to keep your customer engaged and satisfied. Implementing open source also enables the website to be easily upgraded making it more responsive and flexible.

  • Mongo DB

  • My SQL

Implementing various database solutions we make sure that information of your valuable customers are safe and stored in a secure place. This will allow your business to promote yourself to your customers and serve them better. Using database solutions we make sure to fulfill all your business need.

Why Choose Rams Creative to Redesign Your Website


  • Adept developers
  • Innovative thinkers
  • Expert Quality Analysts
  • Creative designers
  • Experienced managers
  • Accountable executives


  • API integration
  • Open source framework
  • Database management
  • HTML/CSS3, PHP and JavaScript
  • CMS framework
  • E-commerce development


  • Use of cutting-edge technologies
  • Interactive user interface
  • Secure and intact website
  • User-friendly experience
  • Deeply tested products


  • Timely task completion
  • Feedback incorporated
  • Secure and intact website
  • Strategized process
  • Quality work delivered
  • Use of modernized technologies

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