Using Reality solutions at Events – The Future of Event Management

Holding B2B events to promote your company or business is a tried and tested concept but is it creative and engaging enough to grab a customer's attention amongst all the competition. What could you do differently to divert people's attention on yourselves so that they won't be forgetting about your event for a long time providing you value post-event? Put into the picture our Customized Reality Marketing Solutions and you are ready for being the center of attention.

Event management has just recently turned to Reality Solutions at Events for attractive booth marketing, and to provide attendees with a unique & unforgettable experience. Rams Creative Technologies Reality Solutions can be used for events and conventions to make individuals aware about the idea or product/service in an unexpected way by overlaying real event location with rich digital content, influencing attendees to pull in towards your Engagement stall.

Ways to Incorporate Reality Solutions in Events

Reality Solutions in Events Site Inspections

Site Inspections:

The cost and time of physically visiting the venues could be reduced significantly with virtual reality events. Event organizers can get a lifelike idea of what the venue would look like, without actually having to visit them.

Event Marketing:

Event marketing is revolutionized by Virtual Reality in Events Industry as meeting planners are able to use virtual reality to market their events to the attendees. Using Volvo VR event concept, you can also pump up the audience by showing them around the venue, effectively encouraging them to buy the tickets.

Product Demonstrations

Product Demonstrations:

Having the ability to take your customers somewhere else to demonstrate your products and service in real-time can give you an extra edge over your competitors. Research suggests that AR/VR tools can increase buyer’s certainty about the product by up to 135%.

Virtual Attendance:

If we told you it is possible to promote your brand all around the world without actually having to host a physical event, would you believe us? It is totally possible now, thanks to Reality Events for introducing the concept of virtual attendance, where they can experience the event without actually leaving their place.

AR VR Game

Virtual and Augmented Reality Games:

The best way to grab a Customer's attention is to go for the most popular and attractive methods such as gaming. Youth nowadays spends way more time gaming, so it will be easier to increase the footfall on your booth and still promote your brand by immersing the informative content with the Reality Games.

Conducting surveys:

It is rather difficult to stop passersby to stop and take part in a survey. But it is now possible to do so with this latest technology in Events, as they give you an opportunity to allure the attendees to stop and participate in mesmerizing surveys conducted in real-time with the help of Reality Solutions.


MR Events

Future is bright and optimistic for events industry with mixed reality

Curious about the role of Mixed Reality at events? Well, it gives you the best of both worlds namely, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. It lets you immerse yourself in a virtual world while still being in touch with the real world. With the help of Holograms, we can have a real-time interaction with the virtual objects and this holds a lot of potential for Mixed Reality in Events Management. Attendees are not only able to see your products/services, but can also interact with or respond to them.

Here are some used cases of Rams Creative Technologies at Events

Our specialized Salesforce Administration team delivers scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to ensure that you make perfect use of Salesforce to carry out your business processes seamlessly.

Selfie with Celebrities:

Augmented Reality Selfies are a huge crowd puller at an event. So at Rajasthan IT Day Hackathon 2017, we brought a special AR feature called "Selfie with Celebrities", to make the event more engaging and interactive, also ended up winning 2nd price. We implemented advanced image processing techniques that can be processed and changed in real-time to turn a 2D selfie of your face into a 3D mesh with a celebrity's face.

Picture Mosaic

Picture Mosaic:

At Durga Ashtami event 2018 in Kolkata, we used another fun and creative way to engage the public while keeping the aesthetics of the occasion in mind. We allowed the public to submit their pictures and after analyzing it for optimal placement, we designed a custom picture mosaic in real-time with the latest Android technology.

Elecrama App:

Rams Creative Technologies launched an app named "Elecrama", exclusively for the Elecrama Event held at Greater Noida in March '18. Usually, it’s a hassle to register and attend an event of such large scale, but with our app, we centralized all the solutions on your device. Loaded with features such as exhibitor's booking and login, site plan, exhibitors list, rules and regulations, vendor registration form to maintenance solutions, our app had all the features.