With a large population of people on social media platform, it is crucial for businesses to promote themselves on various social media platforms.

Social media platforms are hugely influential in attracting customers towards a particular service, directing their perceptions and influencing their purchasing decisions. Also, every social media profile added for a business acts as a gateway to the business website and allows interaction with versatile consumers.

A powerful presence on social media can help you to direct the perceptions of the customers towards your services and intrigue them to land on your website. That’s where we step in to increase your presence on various social media websites and lay a foundation of trust and faith for your possible customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Our social media marketing at Rams Creative stretch across the major social networks like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

Our social media service will help you to gain more inbound traffic and will also help to obtain a better search engine ranking. With our cost-effective SMM solutions, we’ll help you to syndicate content and increase “likes” and “reviews” on your social pages to create brand awareness of your business.

Our extraordinary solutions will increase your visibility with customers and help you to gain demographics and insights by monitoring their activity on your profiles. Our AIDA (attract, interest, desire, and action) based content and constant interaction with your customers will help your company to become a voice in these social platforms, and increase your appreciation among your customers.


Facebook Page Management

Facebook page management

Our team of expert managers will help you to create and handle a Facebook page for your business and get more “likes” and “shares” to let you reach your desired audience on Facebook.

Twitter Account Management

Twitter account management

With expertise in using “hashtags” (#) before a relevant keyword, our team will handle your Twitter account and increase the probability of your account to be displayed in a twitter search to get in touch with the most ideal customers for your business.

LinkedIN Profile Creation

LinkedIn profile creation and management

Our LinkedIn based marketing solutions will let your business to reach and interact with the most professional and competent users. By creating your company’s profile we will help you to develop connections with your most suitable clients and track records of your company’s employees and customers.

YouTube Channel Creation

YouTube channel creation and management

With our competency in YouTube, we will help you to create and manage video content for your channel to reach and interact with a large population of viewers on YouTube and help you to attain as many subscribers as possible.


Social bookmarking

By making suitable content for various social platforms we will allow your business to reach a large population of users. This will help your business to create a strong consumer base and will also act as a backlink for your website.


Expertise In


  • Social bookmarking
  • Content creation
  • Social media handling
  • Profile and page creation
  • Increasing social signals
  • Creating brand awareness

Best Team of Marketers


  • Social media specialists
  • Innovative content creators
  • Keywords researchers
  • Accountable managers
  • Website optimizers

Streamlined Workflow


  • Feedback incorporated
  • Delivery of quality work
  • Use of modernized technologies
  • Strategized processes
  • Timely task completion

Result Oriented


  • Improved conversion rate
  • Better social signals
  • Increased site visits
  • Robust backlink network
  • Hike in customers

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