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Top 6 Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Be On

Top 6 Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Be On

Out of the 7.7 billion people in the world, around 55 percent of them are using some sort of social media platform.

If you are a social media marketer then you must know how much value these many people can add to a business.

However, choosing a social media platform suitable for your business is not an easy task. Why not make a social profile on every media platform? A valid question, but let’s be realistic.

You will be constantly developing new posts and adding them to these pages. You’ll need to maintain constant communication with your audience and need to solve all their problems. Other than this, you’ll run campaigns on these media sites and track the statistics associated with them.

Amongst all this workload it won’t be possible even for a social media marketing expert to maintain all these platforms. The best thing for your business would be to select two or three social sites and manage them consistently.

To pick the most suitable social platform you need to consider the following factors:

  • Number of active users
  • Its suitability with your company’s brand
  • Availability of your target audience on the social platform
  • Online habits of your audience
  • Resources you can invest in these platforms

You’ll also need to decide on the basis of the popularity of the social media platform. Here is a list of the top 10 social media platform that you can use for marketing your business:


The invention of Mark Zuckerberg is the third most visited website after Google and YouTube. Almost every B2B and B2C business have a profile on Facebook.

Facebook has evolved a lot since it had Al Pacino’s face as its logo, the like button was an awesome button, and allowed users to share files through its peer to peer network called Wirehog.

Now almost one-third of the world’s population, scroll through their news feed on Facebook every month. This makes Facebook the most important media platform for a business to promote itself.

The opportunities that Facebook delivers to a marketer are outstanding. An average user has around 338 friends on Facebook. If even one of your customers shares your post then your business has an opportunity to reach 338 more customers. Also, around six million advertisers are active on Facebook. This shows how big an online advertising platform it is.

It is also very easy to set up a business page on Facebook. Every format of content like video, audio, image, or text works great on it. However, Facebook prioritizes the content that promotes a meaningful and interesting conversation between people. It is therefore important for a business to develop amusing and engaging content.

Also, more than 95 percent of people access Facebook from mobiles, so it is important to develop content that is mobile friendly.

Facebook was a hot topic for many conspiracies but now it has become a part of everyone’s life. Having a presence on Facebook is a must for a business to grow and flourish.


Instagram is a social media platform that revolves around photos and videos. It has over a billion monthly active users who upload around 95 million pics every day.

It is basically a social media platform where around 32 percent of internet users spend their time and share pictures, videos, stories, gifs, and live videos to their followers.

Instagram was a huge hit when it was launched. Around 25000 users joined Instagram on the very first day of the launch and over one million people were using it within three months.

Its picture editing and formatting feature tempt people to click quality-rich images and share them on its platform. This feature of Instagram made it so famous and is the main reason why teenagers love it so much. 17% of teens say that Instagram is the most important social media site.

Right now Instagram has been installed more than one billion times and around 40 billion photos have been shared in the history of Instagram.

As a brand, you can use this social platform if your business depends on the way your product looks. Food, Shoes, and Clothing industries are a few examples. Also, if females are your business’s major buyer’s personas then Instagram is a necessary platform for you as 68 percent of Instagram users are females.

Hashtags are also very useful on Instagram. Posts with at least one hashtag results in 12.6 percent more engagement. You can use the Instagram business page to keep a track of the analytics of your profile. It also allows scheduling the time of posting.


YouTube is a video sharing platform where almost 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. It has over a billion users which make it one of the most important sites for businesses to promote themselves.

People love searching for tutorials on YouTube, So, if your business is related to education or you think that you can benefit by creating videos, then creating a YouTube channel is a suitable choice for you.

After it was acquired by Google in October 2006 for a price of $1.65 billion, online advertisements became prominent on YouTube. It is the second most visited website after Google and is also recognized as the second largest search engine after Google. In fact, it is a bigger search engine than Bing, Yahoo, and Ask combined.

As YouTube is owned by Google, a good video posted on YouTube will have more impact on your SEO ranking than any other piece of content published on other platforms. You can also increase your reach by advertising on YouTube and embedding your videos from YouTube on your blogs or other platforms.

Also, YouTube has more reach than cable TV. So you can reach a large number of people through YouTube at a lower price than doing a television ad campaign.



LinkedIn is a social website which was initially set up as a job and employment search site. However, it has now become a platform where professionals and experts from all over the world share their views. Actually, one out of three professional is on LinkedIn.

A company can create a business profile on LinkedIn to improve its brand awareness, establish its authority, and employ talented and skillful people.

In LinkedIn, you make connections that help you to boost the views on your content. Posts with visuals and images are 11 times more likely to be viewed.

LinkedIn is a platform for aficionados and professionals. If your company is related to an industrial background then LinkedIn is a must platform for you to be on. Posts with visuals and images are 11 times more likely to be viewed.

It also offers a business multiple opportunities to boost its content by sending personalized ads and display advertisements on its sidebar.



With a total of more than 250 million monthly active users, Pinterest is the fastest growing website by overall member growth. Pinterest is the site where people go to look for inspiration and buy stuff based on the pins they see.

The user interface of Pinterest is so brilliant that advertisements don’t even look like ads. This makes Pinterest a wonderful place to invest in advertisements.

People really love to engage with the content on Pinterest. In fact, around 78 percent of users on Pinterest like the content of the brands they like.

Also, people don’t only love to generate pins; they also like to buy stuff from Pinterest. Around 25 percent of users on Pinterest buy stuff after they pin it.

Pinterest is really good for businesses that can benefit from photography. Retail business is one such example. Having a presence on Pinterest can help your business to make more customers and drive their purchasing behavior.

Pinterest is one of the best platforms for any marketer. Unlike Facebook and Twitter where a post vanishes after a few days, a pin on Pinterest stays for months. If your business deals with accessories used by women then Pinterest is a suitable choice for you as 80 percent of Pinterest users are females.

Also, compared to other social media sites, Pinterest grabs 41% of e-commerce traffic.


Twitter is a social media platform that comes in handy when you want to spread news like wildfire. It is even considered as a news-breaking social media platform.

Its emphasis on real-time information makes it different from other social media sites and makes it a suitable platform for news, entertainment, games, and politics.

Since nearly all the celebrities are on twitter, it has become a spot where fans can connect to them. Also, around 80 percent of customer service requests happen on Twitter, due to which it is also sometimes known as an online customer service platform.

80 percent of active Twitter users access it on mobile. The 140 character limit for posting a tweet may make Twitter a hassle sometimes, but this rule restriction was made, as sending an SMS earlier was limited to 160 characters.

To keep the message in a single line the creators of Twitter implemented the 140 character rule and 20 characters were restricted for the username.

Twitter may be good for a business which can benefit by maintaining constant communication with their customers and want to share information with them instantly.

Choose your own Social Platform:

These are some of the platforms that you can visit to build your brand awareness and grow your customer base. But, regardless of the no. of active users and popularity of these social sites, the most important aspect of choosing the correct social platform is the availability of your target audience and your comfort with which you handle it.

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